Sunday, 28 April 2013

Letters From Rifkka, Karen Hesse - The Review, by Ryeleigh                          9.6

An account of a young Jewish girl's experiences when she has to
flee Russia with her family, during the first world war.

Letters from Rifka was an extremely intriguing book, that I couldn't put down.
The book was about a young woman (Rifka) who at a young age of twelve had
to flee her house with her family, being a Russian Jew.

She looked very different from her family. Being blonde and blue eyed, she could
pull off not being a Jew, in the midst of their escape Rifka is seperated from her
family, and is in for an adventure, to get to America.

This book was absolutley heartbreaking at times, and left me crying. Letters to Rifka
is absolutely captivating from page one until the end. One of the books where when
your away from it all you do is think about it, and when you finish it you can't stop
thinking about it.

This book was very impressive, and I didnt want the story to end, truly astounding.
Brilliantly plotted, and perfectly paced...engrossing.

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