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Currently Reading: Beautiful Redemption - Maggie Stohl, Kami Garcia

Chapter 24 - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
page 307 - Lena Narrating.

" Nothing seemed to have changed since he had called up the Vexes only weeks before the Eighteenth Moon."

 Author Critique:
                           Last I heard, the eighteenth moon was a reference to the moon that rises
                           or rose on the eighteenth birthday of John Breed. What therefore justifies
                           its use in such absolute terms, as though the order of things prescribes that
                           moons be numbered in direct relation to John's age. Previous references to
                           Lena's sixteenth and seventeenth (brought forward) moons would seem to
                           suggest otherwise.

                           I contend therefore that John Breed's eighteenth birthday surely coincides
                           with some other caster's or incubus' different numbered moon. It should
                           therefore not be right to refer to it as THE Eighteenth Moon. 

                           Set me Right if you can, please.

page 310

“She’s my cousin, Link.” Even as I said it, I wasn’t really sure of the answer. Ridley was a Dark Caster again. The last time she offered to help me, it was a trap, and she led me right to my mother and my Seventeenth Moon.
But I knew she loved me. As much as a Dark Caster could love anyone.

Story Critique:

I feel a shift coming on. My feeling is that Ridley despite being dark is choosing to be good, and if that is the case then

I contend that it smacks of hypocrisy (a little harsh I know), non-continuity (if that is a word) and a bending of the rules. The main reason advanced for Sarafine doing the things she did was that she went dark.

Of course the argument could be made that the main reason for the evil perpetrated by Sarafine was the influence of Abraham and not that she went dark. Some support for this assertion may be found in the beautiful chaos which if Ridley indeed chooses to do the light thing would tie the books in together and actually make them seem a cleverly written series.

smh. I don't know though.

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