Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Currently Reading, Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

"Sometimes the fluffy bunny of incredulity zooms round the bend so rapidly that the greyhound of language is left, agog, in the starting cage."
Well maybe not exactly 'incredulity' but some type of  similar,
more positive word which my brain has failed to conjure up
at this present time. Plus its five chapters in and I'm still
deliberately taking my time with it so 'zooms' may not be the
right word either. But it kinda fits.

So far, loving it.

Good, free flowing read, even when Mr. Mitchell intentionally
throws spokes in the reader's wheels. Big words or colloquial
language in the journal, french in the letters, or  the 'ruddy' made
up words of Tim Cavendish.

A running theme which I don't much care for though.

"Ominous, no? I had seen One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest with an extraordinarily talentless but wealthy and widowed poetess ......"

You cannot accuse me of imitation my friend, my bibliography is
right there, smack in the middle of the chapter or in a later one! -
He seems to be saying

I predict Mr. Cavendish never gets out of Aurora House! And
that may go someways to 'ease' my indignation at Mr. Mitchell's
attempts to outmaneuver me.

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