Friday, 15 February 2013

I Must Love You

"Spare the rod and spoil the Child!"       -         An old Jewish Saying.

For many other reasons that have little to do ( I think)
with my overly-self-loved, incredibly huge, and super
analytical brain, I cannot help but pick out the faults.

Sometimes mine but mostly yours.

It is usually my forceful claim that it is a condition, an
affliction, a disease. Some people actually believe me
but my incredibly huge, in-need-of-constant stroking
grey matterish material finds me five new reasons every
month to ensure I cannot lie to myself.

Of course in the very near future, the people responsible
for disease-naming will find it is actually a condition worthy
of the term disease, (if they haven't already) and my
incredibly huge, finely tuned thinking apparatus will be
shamed while the rest of me gloats.

Well, condition or not, it is one of my best charateristics.
So when (not if) you find yourself the subject of its
indiscriminate application, know this:

If I choose to make you the beneficiary of my best
characteristic and spend the time that I and most living
people have not enough of to spare, I don't see why there
should be any other conclusion than this:

 I must love you!

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